Monday, July 26, 2010


I am a self-confess disorganized woman. I don't know but since I was a kid, I remember strongly how I survive even the most difficult situation brought about by a disorganized environment. In fact, I do best when I am in a chaotic situation. But of course, I do not neglect the truth that I did have several losses, mishief, unfortunate events, and other bad lucks when I choose to put my feet in these nasty situations. I chose the word "choose" because the pages of my memory tells me that most, if not all, of these experiences were under my control.

Just last Friday, I watered my list (again) when I lost my entire bag after a night out. Gah, you read it right, I lost not just my wallet, nor my vanity kit, nor my keys - I lost all of them and other items in my bag. You see? If I itemize everything, it does not cost me that much (except for this one precious thing that was given to me as a gift) but the hassle of mustering them again because they are mostly my neccesities is such a big pain in the ass.

I lost my wallet, which is my second for the year, but fortunately I do not have much cash on it just a little over 200 bucks and some callin cards that I have collected during my job interviews. The wallet was an aged one that I recycled when I lost my previous money keeper.

I lost two of my keys which means that I need to pay a visit to Mr. Quickie, else I will be under a daily mercy of my colleague to hand me our reserved key and would be a frequent visitor on my dorm's lobby while everyone else comes home and open our door. And yes, I lost my dear eiffel tower keychain. :(

My sun broadband bid goodbye to me and that equalled to one thing - stripping off more than a thousand bucks for its replacement. Unneccesary cost. Unwise spending.

Some of my favorite make ups and brushes were there as well in my dearly departed bag. I need to replace them via online purchase which is very time-consuming for me.

The bag which is not even a day old with me got lost. It was a cute bag but the I have not enjoyed fully wearing it along with my other outfits. I just hate losing things.

Most of all, the precious and invaluable thing that was given to me by an important person got lost. Ah, I feel so guilty. :(

Can someone pich me to death so that I'll wake up and get rid of this nasty habit? I seriously hate myself for being such a mess. There are so many lessons learned from last Friday's experience.

... unload your bag when you are going on a gimmick. Bring only the basic.
... prepare ahead of time (just like in any other event) so that you can filter out what to bring
... know your limits. If you intend to get druck, be sure to have a strong support system that can look after your belongings
... as my dad always says, before stepping ahead, pause and think for three minutes what you might have missed.

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